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The Best Science Videos of 2013 – Royal Institution Channel


For some light New Year’s Eve viewing, try The Best Science Videos of 2013 from the Royal Institution Channel.

A top ten list of this year’s best, most inspiring science videos curated by the Ri Channel team.

iCouchPotato’s personal favorite is Beyond the Gardens (the first one in the list and the one with the least interesting screen shot). The production values, the respect for the subject matter, the careful editing, the audio (close your eyes and listen to the library stepladder being pulled from right to left) and above all, the overlaid graphics that begin to unexpectedly appear around 1:20 in are wondrous things to behold. I wish I had videos like this when I took my otherwise excellent General Botany class in college. Every lab in the world ought to have something like this made for them to explain what they do. I want more!


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