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Richard Dawkins speaks at Caltech Sunday (live webcast)



An Appetite for Wonder—The Making of a Scientist in Conversation with Michael Shermer

• Event Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 2 pm PST
• Location: Beckman Auditorium, Caltech
• Speaker: Richard Dawkins
• Tickets: Sold out

RICHARD DAWKINS’ first book, The Selfish Gene, caused a seismic shift in the study of biology by proffering the gene-centered view of evolution. It was also in this book that Dawkins coined the term meme, a unit of cultural evolution, which has itself become a mainstay in contemporary culture. In An Appetite for Wonder, Richard Dawkins shares a rare view into his early life, his intellectual awakening at Oxford, and his path to writing The Selfish Gene. He paints a vivid picture of his idyllic childhood in colonial Africa, peppered with sketches of his colorful ancestors, charming parents, and the peculiarities of colonial life right after World War II. At boarding school, despite a near-religious encounter with an Elvis record, he began his career as a skeptic by refusing to kneel for prayer in chapel. Despite some inspired teaching throughout primary and secondary school, it was only when he got to Oxford that his intellectual curiosity took full flight, ultimately climaxing in the 2006 publication of The God Delusion, which made Dawkins a world famous public intellectual engaged in social activism.

Event Sponsors: The Skeptics Society
This Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture at Caltech will be webcast live on the Livestream Skeptic Live Channel.
The live stream will also be available on the Skeptics Society upcoming lectures web page.


Conversation Replay
October 21, 2013: This event is available for free replay. Click the link below, then, in the window that opens, click the image of Richard Dawkins to start the video. We will upload this to our YouTube Channel in the next few days. For now, you can watch it here.

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