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Leaked video hints at Higgs boson discovery

An apparently accidentally posted video seems to have jumped the gun on tomorrow’s expected announcement from CERN of evidence for a new particle.  Is it the long anticipated Higgs (in the popular press, aka the “God particle”)?

Judge for yourself here.

CERN will webcast the event live at 0900 CEST here:

CEST (Central European Summer Time) is UTC + 2 hours (6 hours ahead of EST).
So 9 am CEST is 3 am on the US East Coast.  Have fun.

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— Post press conference update:
So is it the Higgs? The CERN Director General director of the lab says “As a layman, I would say we have it. But as a scientist I have to say, what do we have? We have discovered a boson. Now we have to determine what kind of boson it is. That’s in the scientist language, so to speak.”

Best background links I have seen are herehere and here.

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